Far From the Tree

Andrew  Solomon. Far From the Tree
Andrew  Solomon. Far From the Tree
3.5 из 5, отдано 26 голосов
From the National Book Award-winning author of the bravedeeply humaneopen-minded, critically informed, and poetic (The New York Times) The Noonday Demon, comes a game-changer of a book about the impact of extreme personal and cultural difference between parents and children.A brilliant and utterly original thinker, Andrew Solomons journey began from his experience of being the gay child of straight parents. He wondered how other families accommodate children who have a variety of differences: families of people who are deaf, who are dwarfs, who have Down syndrome, who have autism, who have schizophrenia, who have multiple severe disabilities, who are prodigies, who commit crimes, who are transgender. Bookended with Solomons experiences as a son, and then later as a father, this book explores the old adage that says the apple doesnt fall far from the tree; instead some apples fall a couple of orchards away, some on the other side of the world.      In twelve sharply observed and moving chapters, Solomon describes individuals who have been heartbreaking victims of intense prejudice, but also stories of parents who have embraced their childrens differences and tried to change the worlds understanding of their conditions. Solomons humanity, eloquence, and compassion give a voice to those people who are never heard. A riveting, powerful take on a major social issue, Far from the Tree offers far-reaching conclusions about new families, academia, and the way our culture addresses issues of illness and identity.
  • Категория: социология
  • Правообладатель: Gardners Books
  • Возрастное ограничение: 0+
  • ISBN: 9781442356108
  • Легальная стоимость: 3422.64 руб.

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