Six Short Stories (Unabridged)

Джозеф Конрад. Six Short Stories (Unabridged)
Джозеф Конрад. Six Short Stories (Unabridged)
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This wide-ranging collection comprises the following six short stories by Joseph Conrad:Youth: A Narrative (1902), Karain: A Memory (1898), An Outpost of Progress (1898), The Lagoon (1898), Amy Foster (1909), The Anarchist – A Desperate Tale (1903) Youth: A Narrative is an epic tale of a perilous voyage under sail to Bangkok, with a cargo of coal, narrated by Charles Marlow. An Outpost of Progress, a darkly comic tale, set in an African ivory-trading station, is very much a prelude to Heart of Darkness. Amy Foster is about a Polish man shipwrecked on the English coast and his subsequent alienation, loneliness and love. The Lagoon and Karain: A Memory are gripping tales from the Malay archipelago. The Anarchist charts the journey of a skilled mechanic from Paris to a desolate cattle station in South America, via Devil's Island.
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  • ISBN: 0701948513712
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