Plots and Pans (Unabridged)

Kelly Eileen Hake. Plots and Pans (Unabridged)
Kelly Eileen Hake. Plots and Pans (Unabridged)
2.7 из 5, отдано 13 голосов
On a cattle drive, a moment's hesitation can mean death. The Chisholm Trail is dirty, dangerous, and no place for women. After years at school, Jessalyn Culpepper has come home and is determined to show everyone that a woman can manage everything from cooking to cattle – whether they like it or not! Tom Tucker tries to manage his partner's headstrong sister, horrified when she wants to join the cattle drive. But when they need a chuck wagon cook, Jessalyn seems the only solution. Will God stir up love along a trail filled with their plots and pans?

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