How to Win a Fianc? (Unabridged)

Stefanie London. How to Win a Fianc? (Unabridged)
Stefanie London. How to Win a Fianc? (Unabridged)
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Marianna Halsey has the most boring life in the world. With seven overprotective older brothers, she's even ended up a virgin at twenty-four. But when a dark and sexy male prevents her from getting her wallet stolen on a Greek vacation, she decides it's time for some adventure. She's read a gazillion romance novels. How hard can it be to score a hook-up? Greek billionaire and stock-market whiz, Nico Galinas has built an empire from nothing. Orphaned as a baby, he trusts no one-especially not the quirky, attractive woman using the worst pick-up tricks in history on him. She wants something, and Nico decides to play along, even when she invites herself back to his place.

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