Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. 2-B

Айзек Азимов. Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. 2-B
Айзек Азимов. Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. 2-B
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Eleven essential classics in one volumeThis last volume in the definitive collection of the best science fiction novellas published between 1929 and 1964 contains eleven great classics. No anthology better captures the birth of science fiction as a literary field.Published in 1973 to honor stories that had appeared before the institution of the Nebula Awards, The Science Fiction Hall of Fame introduced tens of thousands of young readers to the wonders of science fiction and was a favorite of libraries across the country.This volume contains the following:Introduction by Ben BovaThe Martian Way by Isaac AsimovEarthman, Come Home by James BlishRogue Moon by Algis BudrysThe Spectre General by Theodore CogswellThe Machine Stops by E. M. ForsterThe Midas Plague by Frederik PohlThe Witches of Karres by James H. SchmitzE for Effort by T. L. SherredIn Hiding by Wilmar H. ShirasThe Big Front Yard by Clifford D. SimakThe Moon Moth by Jack Vance

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