Maximum Achievement

Брайан Трейси. Maximum Achievement
Брайан Трейси. Maximum Achievement
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BECOME THE ARCHITECT OF YOUR OWN FUTURE  One of America's top professional speakers and seminar leaders, Brian Tracy has been a consultant and trainer for hundreds of corporations large and small. His bestselling audio and video programs have been translated into 14 languages and are used in 31 countries. More than one million people have attended his programs on success, sales effectiveness and personal fulfillment.  Now in Maximum Achievement, Tracy presents a proven system of powerful ideas and principles you can use to rapidly improve your life. He has combined insights and methods from psychology, philosophy, metaphysics and human potential research to create a unique program that will:  * Streamline your focus for maximum results * Remove mental barriers that stand in the way of your dreams * Provide you with the essential conditions for change * Develop superior relationships in your personal and professional life  By following the principles of Maximum Achievement's Master Plan, you can build a foundation for a life of happiness, health, harmony and prosperity.

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