Flash Boys

Michael Lewis. Flash Boys
Michael Lewis. Flash Boys
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Michael Lewis, the Master of the Big Story, is back with Flash Boys  If you thought Wall Street was about alpha males standing in trading pits hollering at each other, think again. That world is dead.  Now, the worlds money is traded by computer code, inside black boxes in heavily guarded buildings. Even the experts entrusted with your cash dont know whats happening to it. And the very few who do arent about to tell – because theyre making a killing.  This is a market thats rigged, out of control and out of sight; a market in which the chief need is for speed; and in which traders would sell their grandmothers for a microsecond. Blink, and youll miss it.  In Flash Boys, Michael Lewis tells the explosive story of how one group of ingenious oddballs and misfits set out to expose what was going on. Its the story of what its like to declare war on some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. Its about taking on an entire system. And its about the madness that has taken hold of the financial markets today.  You wont believe it until youve read it.  I read Michael Lewis for the same reasons I watch Tiger Woods. Ill never play like that. But its good to be reminded every now and again what genius looks like – Malcolm Gladwell  Probably the best current writer in America – Tom Wolfe  Michael Lewis was born in New Orleans and educated at Princeton University and the London School of Economics. He has written several books including the New York Times bestsellers Liars Poker, widely considered the book that defined Wall Street during the 1980s, Boomerang and The Big Short, probably the single best piece of financial journalism ever written (Reuters). Lewis is contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine and also writes for Vanity Fair and Portfolio magazine.

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