One Up On Wall Street

Peter Lynch. One Up On Wall Street
Peter Lynch. One Up On Wall Street
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STOCKS ARE THE NUMBER ONE MONEY-MAKING INVESTMENT TODAY. HERE'S HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY IN THE MARKET!   Peter Lynch has been called &quote;an investment superstar&quote; (Fortune). Manager of the $9 billion Fidelity Magellan Fund, he has earned investors a 190,000 return on a 10,000 investment over the last twelve years. Now Peter Lynch shows how you can make a profit on Wall Street with the knowledge you already have. Discover:    Why smart money is not so smart – and why you may be a better stock picker than the pros   How to follow your hunches – and back them up with facts   Why you should forget everything you hear about the economy and how to pick your own time to buy and sell   How to determine which kinds of stocks are best for you   From price-earnings ratios to cash assets, from low growth stocks to &quote;The Twelve Silliest Things People Say About Stock Prices,&quote; here is a powerful guide to investing – from &quote;one of the greatest investors to ever buy stock&quote; (Barron's Financial Weekly).
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